Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Simple Things

Sometimes, in our everyday life, we get so wrapped up in our to-dos, suppose-to-dos and have-to-dos we forget to take a moment and enjoy life. Here is a list of some things that enahnace life; simple yes but enjoyable? always.

1. A good read
2. Singing a favorite song on the radio
3. Yoga
4. Unexpected beauty in an unexpected place
5. Flowers
6. Farmers market
7. People watching
8. The smell of freshly baked goods
9. The first sip of a delicious glass of wine
10. Laughing until you cry
11. Having a really good conversation
12. Hugging a child (whether it be your own or a relative...just not a random one you see ont he street please)
13. Performing a random act of kindness (yes letting that car in front of you counts)
14. Dancing
15. Your absolute favorite meal
16. Having a real conversation with a child (you'd be amazed at the way they look at life)
17. Submerging your head under water and listening to the sound of nothing
18. Stargazing
19. The sound of the ocean
20. Ice cream on a hot day
21. Hot chocolate on a cold day
22. Christmas Eve
23. Blowing bubbles
24. Playing with a puppy
25. Having a picnic
26. Going for a scenic drive
27. Watching a fish swim in its tank
28. Ripe, juicy fruit
29. A cool breeze
30. The feeling of the sun on your skin
31. Jumping on the bed
32. Playing hooky
33. Watching an old movie
34. Accomplishing a goal...even if the goal was to get out of bed in the morning
35. Staying in your pjs all day
36. Holding hands for the first time
37. Coffee
38. Laughing at an inside joke
39. Cleaning your house (ok not the actual act of it but the relaxing bit after everything is shiny and clean)
40. The smell of clean laundry
41. Soaking in a bubble bath
42. Face masks
43. Gentle stretching and meditation
44. Old couples in love
45. Blowing a dandelion
46. Running.. no matter the distance
47. Giving a gift for no reason
48. The feeling after you are finally over your heartbreak
49. Getting into a bed of really soft, satiny sheets
50. Taking a moment to recognize your breathing, the air on your skin and reveling in the feeling of being alive


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