Wednesday, August 27, 2008

15 Minutes Got Me $200

How? I followed the advice that every frugalist recommends and called my insurance company. I was involved in an accident which was my fault back in September (the day my obsession for finding the best curry in San Diego became my burden), and that upped my insurance from $670 every 6 months to a whopping $1025. Today I started thinking: ok so yes I was at fault in an accident...but what would other insurance companies charge me? Furthermore, what would my insurance quote me at as a new customer? So I used a pseudonym and wham! bam! thank you ma'm (ooer) I saw a nice little quote for $800.

So I called my insurance company and asked if there were any discounts I could take advantage of. I briefly mentioned that I had seen quotes for less at other companies (even with factoring in my accident) and the incredibly nice and helpful rep spent some time with me. So how did they lower my bill? A more accurate adjustment of teh estimated annual miles I drive (this alone reduced my policy by 100). She was ready to send me off when I asked if there were more discounts that could be applied since it was still higher than what I had seen. She questioned me about my profession and since I am college educated and considered a "professional" I received an even greater discount to the tune of $782.00 per month- a $238.76 savings (that they will refund to me for the payment I just made).

Wowza was that the most profitable 15 minutes I ever spent...


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