Monday, August 11, 2008

Car Sharing

So I was reading an article on when a mention of car sharing caught my attention. What is it? It's a car sharing service for people who arent' willing to commit to the full time aspect of owning a car. How does it work? Well according to Zipcar you can rent a car for hours or days depending on yoru need. They have value plans that entail paying a monthly fee and a discount on the driving. A sample of this plan is the "Extra Value Plan" that has a $50.00 monthly commitment, a $25.00 one-time application fee and a 10% driving discount that starts at $8.10/hour and $59.40/day. Insurance, gas and 180miles are free.

This all begs the question: but is it worth it?? Ok maybe if you live in a densley populated city where public transportation is sufficient day-to-day and there is the odd occassion where renting (sorry sharing) a car is necessary. But living in a spread out town....I don't know I think that with the money charged to rent you could own a car for slightly more. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this concept?


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