Friday, August 15, 2008

Finance Fiesta

Hey all! Wide Open Wallet hosted Finance Fiesta: The Olympic Edition. Some excellent articles to check out so be sure to stop by and enjoy.

Ready to Be Rich is a man after this girl's heart when he took on Ways to Save Money on Hair.

Looking to make a little cold hard cash on the side? Check out Your Finish Rich Plan where an article tackles this in Making Money Online, Ten Things I wish I knew as a Beginner

An excellent article at Physician Entrepreneur delves into investing: Investing in Bonds-The Basics

Debt Smackdown discusses the concepts and feelings that are often connected with amassing money at What Do You Believe About Money?


  1. Your Finish Rich Plan said...
    Thanks for the mention!
    Fitz said...
    Hi. Wow, thanks for the link love. :D

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