Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i was cruisin through cyberspace looking for innovative ways to add some decor flair when I came across this awesome how-to from iVillage. Cost and source of materials has been added by me! Your guide in a frugal-filled life.

Moroccan Inspired Hanging Box Valance
Artist wooden stretcher bars $14.82
Fabric/paper I found a piece on sale at $4.99/yd Joann's Fabric and Craft
Cording $5.99 Joann's Fabric and Craft
Hot glue gun
Staple gun

To Make:
1. Measure window and purchase stretcher bars for a wooden valance frame that extends 3 inches to the left and right of the window and about 18 inches long (or to desired length).

2. Assemble stretcher bars into a valance frame. Designate top and bottom. Nail extra vertical bars (about four per side) to the back so the valance will stand out about 4 to 6 inches from the wall.

3. Cut a custom design out of cardboard and staple it to the front and sides of the frame.

4. Stretch your fabric over the cardboard frame. To make a smooth, taut fabric surface, stretch and staple the fabric from the middle out rather than from the edges in. Alternate stapling top and bottom, left and right.

5. To stretch around the inverted corners of your frame, cut a diagonal slit through the corner of the fabric. Now you have two flaps to stretch behind the frame.

6. Staple fabric into wood on the back, and hot glue the fabric to the cardboard if it doesn't reach the wood.

7. Glue down a pretty design with cording and attach tassels from behind.


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