Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So I recently discovered e.l.f cosmetics, and though the path that led me to this discovery was paved in gossip and ruminations, I certainly don't regret the destination. Some of you may have heard the rumblings of Bloomingdale's purchase of a small internet-based cosmetics company. Well these rumors are untrue, however the price of the product is very, very real. Most items on the site can be purchased for $1; that's right my fair, frugal friends, you can stock up on make-up brushes, and all your cosmetic needs for a buck each.

I received my package about a month after my order was placed (due to high volume of orders, shipping takes an obscene amount of time). While I wouldn't necessarily choose their eye shadow as my first pick in a line up, I found their lip balm, make-up brushes and eye liner to all be suitable. C'mon folks, for a dollar it's at least worth a lookie loo. Check them out at: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/shop.asp


  1. Megan said...
    WOW! I lOVE the e.l.f site! they have AMAZING stuff! what did you think about the quality of the product?
    Kat said...
    I love e.l.f. They have great deals on brushes (an expert said it was comparable to higher end brushes). I also like the false lashes there.

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