Thursday, September 4, 2008

giving it to the man

..and now for something completely different: a very special men's edition of Thrifty Find Thursdays. Remember boys: simplicity is key. And for godssake stay away from striped polos.

Mossimo® Western Shirt, Target $21.99
Levi's® Red Tab™ 527™ Low Rise Jeans, Kohls $34.99
Airwalk Lion Crest Twin Gore, Payless Shoe Source $25.99

Great for following the girlfriend around for a shopping trip; add a skinny tie and voila you're ready for a night on the town. Gotta love outfits that pull double duty.


  1. *Miss Bling* said...
    Adam always wears striped polos!
    Kari said...
    don't shoot the messenger....
    Anonymous said...
    Love it. Classic.- Kat

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