Monday, July 21, 2008

I love decorating. Something about being able to let the creativity flow and make my space a home, I've just always been drawn to it. Unfortunately, my wallet is unable to support this hobby so I've found some interesting ways to spruce up my living quarters on a budget.

This is the most useful tip I can give. Before beginnning on a massive overhaul of your place, start by getting rid, or hiding, the clutter. The truth is half the stuff we own, we don't use. This is particularly true when you live in a house because the large space allows you to take on a pack rat mentality. Go through your stuff and if you haven't used it (or maybe you don't even know where it came from to begin with) get rid of it. You can sell this stuff on ebay or craigslist and donate what you can't sell. The rest of the clutter you have (let's face it; we all have it) disguise by creating a method to the madness. Organize in baskets, containers or closets. This way everything has a place and it helps give your rooms a calm atmosphere.

Jazz Up the Walls
Furniture can be a neccessary expense, but wall decor? You can easily add maximum bang for minimal buck.


  • I found this idea recently, scrolling through Domino Magazine's website. Cover small sections of the wall with satin polyurethane. Then using pages from old books, place each page seperately on the covered space. Seal with another layer of polyurethane. Working in small sections at a time complete the process until you've papered the section of wall you wish to cover. This look is perfect for an office/den or even a guestroom.

  • Ikea has these great little art cards, 5 for $5.00. Makes a perfect set of art for cheap, doncha think? You can pin to wall with thumbtacks in a block of five or ten, secure with 3m tape dots or find 4x6 frames and make it legit (ish). These cute little cups would be perfect in a breakfast nook or kitchen.

  • Multiple Uses for Decals
    You can find Blik Wall Stiks at Urban Outfitters for around $45.00. These removable decals are especially great for apartments where painting or wallpapering walls isn't exactly ideal. You can also use removable decals on furniture, where a coat of paint just isn't working for you. Also try on cupboards, toilet tanks and shelving. A moderately priced feature that allows you to change it up as easily as you change your socks (which I hope you do every day....)

    I love wood flooring. Not only is it so "now," there's a certain warmth you get with it that can not be obtained with carpeting. Not to mention, I think it's much easier to clean. But oh! The expense. Sooo why not use wine crates for small spaces that long for the rugged feel of wood? (ooer) Get crates from a local liquor store and take apart. Cut the sides (or have someone who's handy with a saw do it for you) so that they are even and planed to the same depth. Install using antiqued or old nails and seal with polyurethane.

    Feel free to share any budget ideas you have in decorating!


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